Cloud Migration

Need to transition from complicated, monolithic, and/or manually managed environments to a flexible cloud environment?

We can help!

Hiker welcomes sky with open arms

Whether you’re looking for a “lift-and-shift” or a re-platforming effort to maximize the benefits of cloud computing, CTAC’s approach is tailored to your situation and your organizational needs.

  • Automated provisioning, scaling, deployment, and monitoring give you improved performance, right-sized and reduced over-provisioning, better resource utilization, and overall cost savings.
  • Our approach to migration can range from traditional “lift and shift” operations to re-architecting from the ground up for the cloud — with our advanced automation and DevSecOps.
  • Our team uses the latest technologies and vendor APIs, to improve migration quality and reduce risks
  • CTAC has migrated and optimized workflows, content management systems, APIs, health datasets, and data analytics, and more.

Proof Point

Over 100 mission critical application and public websites migrated to the cloud, seamlessly.

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