Digital Transformation

NextGen Digital and Web Services

Web Application Development

We build responsive web applications with the end-user in mind and your mission in focus.

We keep it simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

We leverage agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to rapidly innovate.

We focus on modern design principles such as CSS 3 responsive grids, mobile-first design with dynamic page layout, UI/UX
focus with human-centric design, and a strong commitment to 508 accessibility standards.

Our applications have supported a variety of mission-critical government objectives in multiple domains including:
health data and safety, law enforcement and transportation, GIS, OMB, environmental regulations, content syndication,
and data management.

UX Design

User Experience is important for tailoring our work for accessibility, personalization, and overall streamlining of the solutions we provide.

Our data-gathering methods include interviewing interviewing both users and stakeholders to present a solution that meets all needs. We ensure development is continuously tested against the profiled users so that we are satisfying their purposes. Testing is performed through the entire development cycle, and into maintenance.

Our objective is to obtain parity between users and stake-holders’ business needs.

Content Management

Our experience with cutting edge, open-source & proprietary content management systems (CMS) allow our clients to
collaborate and communicate more efficiently. Our focus on integration, expansion, and customization allow our clients
to continually develop new ways to reach their end-users.

CTAC manages next-generation unified Content Management Systems (CMS) consisting of 700+ cloud servers for our clients’
highest profile sites and related systems.

Our CMP open-source technology stacks include popular open-source CMS’ like Drupal and WordPress, and also integrations
with key enterprise offerings such as Salesforce, MailChimp, and MuleSoft.

Our APIs facilitate content, media and social media sharing, publishing, syndication, and re-use within a core set of
content types and taxonomies.

API/Open Data

In an era where products/software can have increasingly short life spans, well designed and documented APIs play a key
role in maximizing data and IT investments across the enterprise.

CTAC has designed and implemented multiple systems for the Federal government that utilize the API
development standards.

We develop modern RESTful services, powered by industry standard frameworks, and featuring innovative technology like
Swagger (The OpenAPI Specification) & JSON.

Our APIs are designed to be robust and secure, leveraging fast in-memory caching, global regional availability, CDNs,
encryption, public/private key security, OAuth security, and integration with existing infrastructure such as LDAP, OMB
MAX, and Okta.

Platform as-a-Service (PaaS)

CTAC has built and deployed a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for HHS, GSA, and CPSC allowing those customers to develop,
run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated
with application development. At GSA, CTAC has been able to lower platform on-boarding costs by 50%.

By codifying our infrastructure (infrastructure as code) we enable better testing and quality control, more
efficient and predictable deployments, and decreased recovery times. This allows clients to realize the potential of
the Cloud in full.

CTAC PaaS allows for higher-level programming with dramatically reduced complexity.

Our PaaS supports instance and container-based workloads.

Maintenance and enhancement of the application is easier. Self-service for development teams and release managers
eliminate having to wait on operations personnel.