Disaster Response

pictures of flood, fire, and hurricane damage

At AWS re:Invent 2019 CTAC was proud to be one of only a few AWS Disaster & Public Safety Competency launch partners [Press Release]

CTAC’s Disaster Response solutions powered by AWS

During a declared disaster, every second counts; responding reactively might be too late. CTAC develops solutions to support disaster response efforts across the United States, proactively. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, CTAC provides top-quality technology solutions to achieve successful programs for agency and organization disaster response toolkits. We work with the public sector to prepare for times of natural disaster in an effort to have the least amount of people negatively affected as possible. The emPOWER application is one example of how CTAC is actively doing that and using big data to save lives.

Utilizing AWS and working with our in-house AWS Solutions Architects and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), CTAC develops open-source applications for the public sector to prepare, track and respond during times of disaster.

Facts and Impacts

HHS emPOWER Program Fact Sheet

AWS Case Studies


DR-emPOWER Map Case Study